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Arica Airport – Arica’s Main International Airport

Arica Airport

Serving the city of Arica in the Chilean region of Arica y Parinacota, Arica Airport (ARI) or Chacalluta International Airport is located about 18.5 kilometres north-east of the city. Major airlines offering flights from the airport include Sky Airline and LAN Express. Although there are several travel options available at Arica Airport, a car rental remains to be the ideal choice as the city is quite a distance away and many tourist attractions can be visited along the way.

Top Places to Visit Near Arica Airport :

  • Chinchorro Beach - The stunning visual attraction with warm waters is an ideal place for aquatic sports including swimming, surfing and scuba diving.
  • Lluta Geoglyphs - These national archaeological patrimony are located between 14 and 16 km from the Lluta Valley. Mountain biking can be best enjoyed here.
  • Morro de Arica - The attraction is 110 meters high and houses a museum at the top displaying historical vestiges of the 19th century Pacific War.
  • San Lorenzo Pucara - Surrounded by a giant rock wall, this is an ancient fortress and an archaeological site showing the Tiawanaku culture vestiges.
  • San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum - The museum contains anthropological vestiges and exhibits over 20,000 archaeological pieces that illustrate the development of humans.

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