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Arica - City of Eternal Spring


The northernmost city of Chile, Arica is an ideal destination for those who enjoy the sunshine and excellent weather conditions. The Pacific Ocean acts as its natural boundary and its enormous shores are perfect for swimming, scuba diving and surfing. Besides water sports, the city offers plenty of outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, mountain-biking and jeep racing. Take your rental car out for a drive and visit Arica's beautiful beaches, intriguing museums and scenic parks for an unforgettable experience.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Arica :

  • Morro de Arica- 110 meters high and housing a museum, the hilltop has an observation point that offers stunning views of the Península del Alacrán and the city.
  • San Marcos Church - Built on the ruins of the Main Church, the cathedral is a Chilean Historical Monument made up entirely of metal except the wooden doors.
  • Chungará Lake - Surrounded by a variety of unique fauna, the gorgeous lake is a great place for leisurely contemplation of nature and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Chinchorro Beach - This is a visually attractive resort with warm waters and an ideal location for practicing aquatic sports or enjoying a stroll by the pier.
  • San Lorenzo Pucara - Surrounded by a huge rock wall, this ancient fortress showcasing the Tiawanaku culture vestiges is of a great historical significance to the city.

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