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Copiapó – A Year Round Tourist Destination


Nestled beautifully in the Copiapó River valley, Copiapó is the capital of Atacama Region and Copiapó Province. The Chilean city is the region's main urban center and attracts both business and leisure travelers in large numbers. Having a significant history, it boasts many National Monuments, all of which can be easily visited with a car rental. Offering a pleasing climate, interesting sites and opportunities for various outdoor activities, Copiapó is a city worth visiting any time of the year.

Tourist Attractions in and Around Copiapó :

  • Museo Mineralógico - This must-visit museum exhibits a kaleidoscopic collection of over 2300 samples of raw materials that played a crucial role in the progress of the city.
  • Ojos del Salado- This is the highest active volcano in the world. A trek here gives an opportunity to take in some of Chile's varied and dramatic scenery.
  • Laguna Verde - Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, this salt lake is a fantastic spot for sightseeing and an ideal location for enjoying some mountain climbing.
  • Bahia Inglesa - With clear waters and scenic surroundings, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile where kite surfing, scuba diving and sailing can be best enjoyed.
  • Catedral de Copiapo - Situated in Region III next to Plaza de Armas, this is a National Monument housing the image of Virgen del Rosario and a magnificent silver shrine.
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