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A Little About La Serena Airport

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La Serena Airport (LSC), also known as La Florida Airport, serves the Chilean city of La Serena. Sky Airline and LAN Express operate flights to and from the airport. In case your flight gets delayed, you can keep yourself busy at the airport as you await your flight. You can visit the duty-free shops and buy yourself some keepsakes or sample some of the delicious Chilean cuisine at the many restaurants. Offering excellent facilities, La Serena Airport ensures a comfortable experience for all its visitors.

Famous Tourist Destinations Around La Serena Airport :

  • Avenida del Mar Beaches - The lengthy street of Avenida del Mar is lined with the most popular beaches ideal for swimming and outdoor activities.
  • Damas Island - The island, 114 km northwest of La Serena, is home to beautiful white sandy beaches of Las Tijeras and La Poza
  • Punta Choros - The town offers a fine blend of spectacular beaches, incredible fauna and fantastic islands. Activities include sailing, sea kayaking and scuba diving.
  • Humbold Penguin National Reserve - Featuring a wonderful fauna, the reserve includes the islands of Choros and Damas. Penguins and dolphins are found in abundance.
  • Tongoy- Nestled in a peninsula, this fishermen town boasts beautiful landscapes along with tourist facilities including hotels, restaurants, camping areas and Puerto Velero.

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