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Talca – A Paradise for Wine Lovers


Situated about 255km south of Santiago, Talca is the capital city of both Maule Region and Talca Province. It is a colonial city in the Valle Central lying close to the Reserva Nacional Altos de Lircay (a popular nature reserve) and exhibits an active cultural life. Talca is a wine-lover's paradise and with a car rental, you can visit its many wineries that produce sumptuous wines in the Maule Valley. Boasting a vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping opportunities and a host of attractions, Talca promises its visitors of a wonderful time.

Prime Attractions to Visit in Talca :

  • Museo O’Higginiano y de Bellas Artes - Declared a National Monument, the famous museum is dedicated to Bernardo O’Higgins showcasing replicas of historical documents and the residence of O’Higgins.
  • Plaza de Armas- The city's central plaza, surrounded by an ornate cathedral and a variety of trees, is a great place for walking around.
  • Mercado Central - This is one of Chile's best markets where you can find several restaurants and shops selling handicrafts, clothes and gift items.
  • Avenue Isidoro Del Solar - With a wide range of bars, dance clubs and restaurants, the street is where you can get a taste of the city's active nightlife.
  • Bernardo O´Higgins Avenue - One of the longest in Chile, this avenue is densely surrounded by trees and houses the famous Maule Regional Theater.

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