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Valdivia – The Capital of the Rivers


Standing at the convergence point of three large rivers, Valdivia is among the oldest and the most beautiful cities of the southern hemisphere. It offers plenty of enjoyment as you drive around in your rental car, taking in the city life by admiring its captivating attractions and tasting its authentic local cuisine. Valdivia is a city for those who enjoy the water and are ever-willing to go out for a boat ride. However, Valdivia is not entirely about the rivers, it is an overall holiday destination.

Things to See and Experience in Valdivia :

  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Built on the ruins of Anwanter Brewery, the museum is a nice place to watch the sun set besides enjoying its riverside setting and excellent programs.
  • Van de Maele History Museum - Located along the Calle-Calle River, the museum displays amazing exhibitions on the area's colonization process and its indigenous people.
  • Calle-Calle River - Get aboard a river cruiser or a gondola and enjoy a cruise along the river. Delight your senses with the wonderful scenery along the way.
  • Feria Fluvial - Located by the riverside, the lively marketplace is where you can have an experience of feeding the Pelicans and Sea lions with snacks or tidbits.
  • Parque Saval - The park on the island Isla Teja has a beautiful riverside beach and a hiking trail. This is also a fantastic place for birdwatching.

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