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Calama - The Land of Sun and Copper


Situated in the region of Antofagasta, Calama happens to be the joy and pride of northern Chile. The economic powerhouse of the country is primarily known for its copper mining activities. Offering beautiful views of the volcanoes in the Ollagüe area, the city acts as a departure point for travelers heading to San Pedro de Atacama. With attractions of its own as well as around it, a car rental in Calama is a great way to explore this nice leisure destination.

Places to Explore In and Around Calama :

  • El Loa National Park - The famous city park has balconies, terraces and an archaeological museum where you can find handmade crafts as well as typical architecture.
  • Calama Archaeological Museum - The museum is where you can see exhibitions of the pieces used by the people of Andes and what they used to hunt with them.
  • Loa River - Running through the city, this popular attraction is where people come in the afternoons to relax, barbecue and enjoy fishing and swimming.
  • Lasana Pucara - Located 45 km north-east of Calama, this anthropological and archaeological interest zone is where you can have the best experience of hiking and photography.
  • Río Grande - The small yet charming village is located 51 km from the city. You can explore an attractive church and the San Bartolo copper mine.
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