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Introducing La Serena


The capital city of Coquimbo Region, La Serena is among the most famous seaside destinations in Chile. The vast shores of the glorious sandy beaches offer first-level services to visitors and make the most of their business trip or vacations in a unique environment. With a car rental, you get easy access to the 13 bathing resorts where people gather to enjoy the sea waves and sunshine. Featuring architectural, cultural and recreational attractions, La Serena promises a great time for all.

Places Worth Visiting in La Serena :

  • Pedro de Valdivia Park - A beautiful park where families come with their kids to enjoy. Groups of clowns, actors and jugglers perform and entertain the crowd for free.
  • Plaza de Armas - A famous square surrounded by historic buildings where people enjoy roaming around. The Municipal Band plays modern and traditional music here on the weekends.
  • The Elqui Valley- One of the main highlights of the city located just above the dry coast. The valley boasts a colorful market town and a pisco distillery.
  • Mamalluca Observatory - One of the best venues in the world for star gazing. An area is dedicated entirely for tourism and it makes for an amazing night excursion.
  • Museo Arqueológico de La Serena - A popular museum located in the city center housing invaluable archaeological collections. It also consists of an interesting historical and an anthropological library.

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