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Los Ángeles – A Great Vacation Hotspot


The capital of the Bío-Bío Region, Los Ángeles is a city situated in a lovely central valley lying just 150m above sea level. Bordered by Bío-Bío to the south and Laja River to the north, it has a good and favorable weather for human settlement. The city offers fantastic opportunities for activities such as hiking, horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, skiing and many other adventure sports. Rent a car in Los Ángeles and enjoy easy access to its wide range of restaurants, accommodations and attractions.

Points of Interest In and Around Los Ángeles :

  • Museo de la Alta Frontera - Built in 1989 to celebrate Los Ángeles's 250th birthday, the museum features extraordinary collection of textiles, headdresses, masks, ceramics and Mapuche silverwork.
  • Salto del Laja - With an impressive cascade, this is among the most imposing waterfalls in Chile. Located near the Pan-American Highway, it is a great stopover point.
  • Laguna del Laja National Park - Located about 93km from Los Ángeles, the national park offers scenic images of forests, dead volcanoes and the Laja River flowing through it.
  • Nahuelbuta National Park - Filled with natural beauty, the park lies to the west of the city where you can find a diverse range of flora and fauna.
  • Plaza de Armas - The city's main square is where you can see a craftsmen market, a set of fountains and a magnificent statue of a horse rider.

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