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Valparaíso Harbour – A Crucial Part of the City


Valparaíso is regarded as one of the most important seaports in Chile. The capital city of Valparaiso province and region offers many fascinating tourist attractions to its visitors. Rent a car and drive to one of the city’s most visited attractions - the Valparaíso Harbour. Besides being a commercial center of Valparaíso, it is a great place to escape from the city's hustle and bustle. You can have a wonderful time at Valparaíso Harbour either by simply strolling around or indulging in various port activities.

Points of Interest Around Valparaíso Harbour :

  • La Sebastiana - Located atop Cerro Bellavista, the museum with great views of the city was the home of Chile's most famous writer and poet Pablo Neruda.
  • Plaza Sotomayor - The grandest square in Valparaíso is lined with magnificent statues and important official buildings including the navy headquarters of Chile.
  • Polanco Funicular - Accessing Mount Polanco, the funicular presents picturesque views and is an interesting way to see the city and its surroundings.
  • Museo del Mar Lord Cochrane - With stunning views over the harbor, the museum was built in 1842 and keeps visitors engaged with various interesting exhibitions.
  • Congreso Nacional- Situated in the El Plan's east section, this is a popular local attraction and one of the only modern landmarks in the city.

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