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The Sprawling Beach City of Iquique


Once a small fishing community, Iquique has evolved to become the capital city of the northernmost region of Chile. The world's largest fish meal exporter offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and a great tourism infrastructure. You can enjoy a wide range of water sports such as fly fishing and scuba diving in the ocean. With beautiful beaches, high mountains and plenty of attractions, Iquique is eagerly waiting to be explored by you in your very own rental car.

Top Tourist Sights to Explore in Iquique :

  • Calle Baquedano - With wooden sidewalks, this pedestrian mall is a fantastic place for a stroll in the afternoon or enjoying a cup of cappuccino at one of the cafes.
  • Museo Naval - The museum exhibits antiquated arms used in the Battle of Iquique. A corridor displays descriptions and photos of the bird species found at the Chilean seashore.
  • Playa Blanca - Located on Avenida Balmaceda thirteen kilometers from the city center, the beautiful sandy beach is where you can enjoy water activities such as swimming and snorkling.
  • Plaza Prat- Kids ride bicycles along the sidewalks while grown-ups chat on the park benches at this buzzing plaza. A shimmering white clock tower stands in the center.
  • Teatro Municipal - Once an opera house, this popular city theater hosts various captivating plays and musical performances. The lovely statues on the facade represent the four seasons.

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